Sunday, February 24, 2013

hope like a joshua tree (flowers are pansies) (see what i did there)

once upon a time, i had these amazing dreams.

they were epic and seemed endless, and i didn't care about how possible they seemed or bother to make them seem "real". everything was real to me and possible was just a silly word. the world was a big open place for me to explore, the way i used to explore the mountains above my house like an "indian" when i was a kid.

i'd grow up to be an indian alright, and the world would be my wikiup.

but then something weird happened. i got married. i got fat. life fell into this awful and plain routine, and all of the hope i had withered out of existence like an old dead flower. the world became small and boring and scary all at once. my dreams went into a closet on wire hangers, covered in dust and smelling of mothballs.

life went on this way for awhile. things happened, they came and went. my marriage dried up and died like an old, dead flower. i decided i needed things to be more durable than flowers from now on...when my hope awakened again, it was something different this time. it was a joshua tree.

you know what i mean...movies get "re-imagined" right? hope was re-imagined. this is what it came out as:

 much more durable. much more reliable. scorching heat...crazy winds...droughts of living MUERTE (see what i did this becoming redundant?)

nothing could get my joshua tree of hopes and dreams down. nothing. suddenly my dreams were back, bigger and grander and more absurd than i ever hoped they could be. i'd be the first gutless person to climb mt. hanawazaloo (probably not) and i'd live in a trailer in the middle of the mojave desert for awhile, doing nothing but writing and probably becoming a whiz at several musical instruments at the same hopes returned.

on this night of a full moon, my hopes returned as joshua trees, reaching toward the sky with spiky little "i shall have it" hands....

will i grab everything i wish to grab with those hands? why yes, i plan to. can i do so without sounding totally pervy in the process? i don't know...i think i might have already done that....however....

i have dreams and hopes and big full moons to lasso....and i'll be ready. ready in may.....the world is mine.

never forget that flowers are pansies.

the end.

Monday, February 4, 2013

so apparently, i invented "the creep" ;)

here's the video evidence ;) i remember this night PERFECTLY, and that our whole concept of the weirdo little move i'm doing was EXACTLY like "the creep". i almost died laughing upon rediscovering this.

that wonderful moment where you find a video from 2007

....randomly on some old memory card i didn't know i still had. this is totally ex-boyfriend and my best highschool friend. the three of us hung out all the time and apparently (according to the video) had a blast doing nothing. this was right around the time i first got scout. we three would sit in my basement playing guitar hero, taking turns babying scout and taking him outside for potty training. funny how one little video brings back SO many memories.

here's the video in er...question...