Monday, August 26, 2013

the blog is back? thankyoueverso! ;)

ah, the old blog is back!!! this feels goooooood after over a month of no personal blogging!! creepy stalker guy from my IBD support groups and then from reading my blogs, necessitated a step back for me. when i saw how nuts he was getting, i immediately went and looked at THIS blog's stats to see if he'd been going through my personal blog. the reason i was suspicious was a good one- i'm not THAT egotistical, kids ;)
no, what he started to do was add in his many, many emails he wrote me, these little references to some blog post i wrote a long while ago, or pretty much parroted what he THOUGHT he knew about my being independent, not NEEDING people, etc. and it was funny because whenever he would throw in some imposter "oh i said that in a blog i wrote two years ago...and now you're trying to use it like YOU came up with it and therefore proving that ZOMG WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON!!!!!!!!!!!!

.....i wish i could say i was joking. i even wish i could say i'm dramatizing it to make him look bad. i'm not....he's done that all on his own lol.

so anyway.....for now my IBD blog is kind of on hold as i figure a few things out....namely, the possibility of this kind of thing happening at least a few other times once i'm really pushing my blog. more readers, more crazy readers-  makes sense, yeah? ;) so....i've got some deciding to do about that blog. and now that i'm back at work, i have less time to spend on the blog. but if i decide that i need to continue writing that blog, then i'll hang on to that no matter what! so yeah... the meantime, personal blog's still up. i'm certainly not going to allow some heebie jeebies to get in the way of it anymore. i was freaked out for a couple of weeks, now i'm over it. i love my personal blog, and although i write it solely for me, it's nice to have something that people could discover about you if they were so inclined. and for a writer, what could be a better medium? ;)

so.....the blog is back! i think this calls for a biggiant THANKYOUEVERSO