Wednesday, May 28, 2014

in which, my disdain for romance is challenged a little.

well so, everyone knows i'm not a romantic person.

my myspace url was "anti_romantic" back in the day....and we all know our myspace pages in the old days tell who we really are ;)

no but seriously...the whole antiromantic thing has kind of always been and it seems it always will be. i fail at feelings, and seeing other people not failing at feelings usually just makes me want to crack lame jokes, or puke a little, or run from the room screaming.

my sister and her fiance, though, are a whole different story. and maybe it's because when it comes to love, THEY ARE a whole different story.

and they're a long story, one that's not really mine to be telling about on my blog at two am in the morning. but it IS mine to say that seeing them in love makes me understand why people act like love is such a big deal. they make me see why people think pledging their lives to each other isn't an absolutely insane idea. they make me see that i don't want anything less than what i see that they have together, and that it's perfectly okay to NOT settle for anything less, which i've never wanted to do anyway.
but they're a good reminder for me, always, in case i ever struggle with that, because hey one thing i've learned these past few years is you never know what life is going to throw your way. and you're never too smart to do something stupid every once in awhile.

but you're never too stupid to deserve something great, either. and not that jenn and tyson have ever been really stupid. but man, i have been. have i EVER. and i need to see that, there are people who have waited for something amazing for maybe just a little bit while they lived their lives, and guess what? it WAS there waiting for them.

so, my recent stupidities aside. my many failures and seemingly endless missteps. i am one of those people who loves my own company and has no problem "being alone" romantically because i am fulfilled in so many other ways. but maybe someday, some kind of love will be there for me. and i'm grateful for my sister and her fiance for showing me why it's worth caring about and maybe even hoping for. and above all else, i am SO happy for them, anything about me totally aside.

so guess what.....hooray for love, for like two seconds.....i'll give that little cheer for romance.

then i'll duck behind the door and laugh a little, because that's what i do. ;)