Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A tale of Opression (that dastardly fellow! )

Opression had a big comeback in 2016, proving how it hangs back, but never really goes away. Opression is a master at hanging back and waiting for its chance, and its chance came in the form of a loudmouthed orange lummox with the mentality of a thirteen year old in the insecure and uncomfortable beginnings of puberty.

This ''man" gave Opression a megaphone, and hey- Oppression isn't picky. The orange lummox was simply a mouthpiece, loud and uncouth but very effective. All of Opression's favorite pupils and old friends and budding protégés heard the call and eagerly began crawling out of their holes to heed it.

Nevermind that Opression's latest poster boy was a figure of much derision and little respect. Beggars can't be choosers, and his pupils and old buddies are restless. They want to go mainstream, feel safe coming out of the woodwork and taking off their white hoods- (okay, let's not get carried away...Opression encourages cowardice, the white hoods are staying on).

Oppression's new mouthpiece promises many new victims in his speeches. He is willing to throw around money and power with his itty bitty hands, to support the Followers he amasses to his cause. And he knows all about Following-he spends more time on Twitter than your average high school student.

And so- Twitter is a hive-minded haven for youth no longer! All of the older people who denounced it a year ago find themselves Following now as well, to read their leader's latest invaluable spatters of word vomit, in 160 characters or less. After all, they have to keep up with their Overlord's Alternative Facts, and bombard their brains with the message he is constantly tweeting about, and Twitter is the best place to do so.

The message of course, is Opression, blanketed with clumsy phrasing or sometimes a dollar store mustache and glasses type of disguise. It need not be hidden too carefully or well, because those it's meant for will never lift the blanket or notice the mustache is crooked, and all the rest see it for exactly what it is no matter how it's disguised.

Opression is largely obvious. Subtlety has never really been its thing. This is why every now and then, Opression gets kicked in the shins and run offstage...but all it does is get very quiet and hide. It doesn't really go away, or stay gone. It hides its face and bides its time, waiting for its next megaphone or disguise. It waits and mutates like a virus, so that next time it won't be chased away so easily. Opression only has the means it's given, but there's always someone to invite it back in and give it a voice. After so long, Opression knows its game, and it especially knows human beings. It knows them well.

See, Opression understands something that mankind in general never really seems to grasp:
Those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it. And humanity has a very poor memory.