Sunday, May 13, 2012


everyone has a different idea of paradise. for some, paradise looks like this:

for others, it might look like this:

this, too, may be someone's idea of paradise:

and i could go on and on. we're all so different, that almost anywhere is someone's idea of paradise. i posted the three pictures above because i would love to visit/have visited them before. but none of those three above are MY idea of paradise.

mine? mine is this:

i could post a million pictures of the desert i so love. st. george, arizona, joshua tree national park....DREAM vacations for me. one day, i'm going to stay here:

and i could totally LIVE in a place like this:

and you know what? i probably will! what's there to stop me? absolutely NOTHING. whoever i end up with will love the desert as much as i do ;) because it's kind of a ridiculously big deal to me.
i want THIS to be my backyard, dammit!

the desert is in my blood. it always has been. and i live in one of the BEST states for it.
utah is awesome! after all, it has my paradise!

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