Tuesday, June 22, 2010

the time will come for us to finally win...

life is badack. can i just say that now? and yes, badack is a word. at least, it is to me. it's my substitution for badass. why? because i prefer to NOT sound like a chick at a truckstop. thxbye.

but seriously...even though my current situation is still...not exactly perfect nor favorable, i've been filled with optimism lately. and this optimism doesn't come from happy pills, kids. it comes from within.
first and foremost i'm seriously looking for a job, and i had an interview (finally!) on friday that really made me stoked. i didn't get the job, but it doesn't matter. just having an interview reminded me how excited i really am to be a working girl again. i'm going to keep applying, interviewing and trying until i find a job. it's exciting!
secondly, i haven't binged for nearly two weeks now. this is a BIG deal. no binging and i've been losing weight. even though i was sick last week, i didn't use it as an excuse to sit and drown my sorrows in food. milestone!
thirdly...i am mad excited to get back to school. a job is my first priority right now, but i'm hoping to get to school in the spring. i know for certain what i'm going to study- i want to major in linguistics. it's about 90% chance that i'll minor in cultural anthropology. i say 90% because i may minor in another field of anthropology. we will see. but the linguistics thing is for sure, and i couldn't be more excited. i've always been fascinated by language, culture and history. i can't wait to learn more about it.

i'm so grateful for everything, and that somehow i've been able to focus on the good instead of the worrisome since arriving back home. i'm determined to take control of my life in every way now, and instead of just saying so i'm actually doing so.

i love it.

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