Thursday, June 17, 2010

why i rock

i'm aware this blog title sounds totally cocky. but as justin timberlake so kindly points out in one of his it being cocky if it's true?

or something like that.
i'm seriously not commonly quoting justin timberlake songs....but in this case, it works.

anyway, back to the matter at hand: i've been slowly rediscovering my complete and utter awesomeness. i've had some realizations. i'm stoked on my own coolness. i'm getting stoked on life again.

it feels awesome, knowing that i rock. i've realized that the past two years have been hard, and that i've gone through a lot....but i'm sososososo glad i've gone through this stuff being me.
there's not a person in the world i'd trade places with, and i mean that.
not physically, not mentally...
i love who i am.

i rock because i'm a total nerd and not ashamed of it.i rock because along those lines, i can quote star wars like it's going out of style and i pwn your face in world of warcraft.

i rock because i'm 1950's hot. you know, jane russell, rita hayworth, marilyn monroe... i look like a woman and not a prepubescent boy, or a plastic doll. i'm stoked i no longer look like a teenager.
i rock because i'm smart, and i know what i want in life. i'm going to major in linguistics and minor in cultural anthropolgy. i'll be speaking russian and you're going to wonder wtf i'm saying hahaha
i rock because i'm not afraid to get a job and push myself. i'm not afraid to work.

i rock because i went across the country and handled it beautifully when it didn't work out.

i rock because i'm a daughter of God and handle myself with the dignity that is required of such. i see the bigger picture. i love the bigger picture.

if this blog seems like a bragfest, you've got it all wrong or you have no idea what i've been the past couple of years. a shell of myself, a shadow. it was common when i used to talk this way, and you know what? it feels good to really feel this way again. this isn't false bravado. i am happy, confident, and wonderful.

it feels great to be back.


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! I like this post! Miss you girl! When I come back July 7th-14th lets you me and Jenn get together and do sushi or Borders or hell do both!

thankyoueverso said...

I would LOVE to. Let's do it for sure!