Friday, September 9, 2011

this time last year....

there were some things that were the same....

but most everything is different.

i am not with derek any longer. i have a job i absolutely love. i'm not obsessed with weight loss and planning my entire life around it anymore. i'm no longer riddled by phobias.

having a job and the routine that it adds to my day, not to mention the sense of self-worth it gives- especially the nature of the work i has changed my life so much. i'm reading some great books that have really helped my outlook and my tendency to worry. i really know who i am and LOVE who i am. last year, i felt honestly like "who i was" changed weekly, depending on so many things. but who i am now is solid and rooted and not going anywhere. i can be proud of who i am, the work i do, and my daily conduct. i don't do things that i'm later ashamed of. it's really wonderful.

i'm excited for fall, to wear all of the clothes i was too self-conscious to wear last year. to do lots of fun festive and seasonal stuff. i've been eating really, really healthy lately and have taken up juicing and it's been hugely beneficial for my energy levels and overall health. i'm looking forward to enjoying the upcoming holiday season feeling a lot better than i did last year.

now i'm off to read outlander :D fall=outlander. if you've read it, you get what i mean!

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