Saturday, April 20, 2013

here's some things i've realized/learned as of late:

i'm obnoxiously introspective ;)

i want a career in medicine- a PA, in fact!

i hate, hate, HATE not working every day in some way

i'm actually really good with kids. not just the kids i work with, but kids in general! who'd have thought? ;)

i love skinny. i rock it.

what matters in life vs what truly does not

that i don't want to have to spend time on things that don't matter any more than i have to

that i'm tough

yes i just mentioned skinniness above, but as far as it goes: i am so much more than my body and my beauty (or lack of) and it really really REALLY doesn't matter that much

i WANT to be a mom someday

i am a completely different person now than i was only a few years ago. it's been a literal transformation.

i am really REALLY excited about fitness and health, and feeling strong! i finally feel seriously stoked about getting into great shape with my mom's personal trainer and being able to hike and rock climb and ride bikes! fitness is truly exciting to me!!

that the Lord knows best. i am baffled how true this keeps ringing to me the more and more i go through. this second surgery was sosososo much harder than the first in many ways. though i didn't have any of the whole "waking up seeing the bag and losing my sanity" stuff. it was actually a relief the have that be familiar and not an obstacle to my immediate recovery.

there were some complications with this surgery and i actually got two surgeries for the "price" of one during my stay, oh goody, amirite?  BUT the complications have been (and still SLOWWWLY) are calming down and dying off. there was extremely GOOD news in all of this, though. they were able to test my small bowel for any sign of  crohn's and were able to confirm finally that it most certainly IS (or was) ulcerative colitis! so that takes away a HUGE concern about just getting sick in the j-pouch years or even just getting sick again in general. to have that confirmed- that this is really the journey coming to an end. and it will follow with the next!

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