Sunday, September 12, 2010

i'm just glad....

i'm awesome in some ways. i suck in others.
i've accomplished some great things....and haven't accomplished much of anything at all
i dream too little, i'm too practical now
i'm constantly changing things.
i suck sometimes, and i'm amazing other times.

but with all this said...
attesting to the fact that i am a flawed human being

i'm just glad i don't have to fake anything.

i know who i am. what i like and dislike.

i don't have to pretend i do things that i don't actually do, or pretend to like things that don't really interest me simply because i don't know who i am or what i'm all about.

nope, i know.

i know.

and i'm just glad

i never have to fake it.

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here here!