Friday, September 3, 2010

life actually...

today was one of those days.
you know, the kind where you wake up and wonder why you woke up at all....
maybe you don't know...but everyone has those days sometimes
as someone who has battled (and still is battling, albeit a much milder) depression, i know those days all too well
and today was one of them.

in the morning, anyhow.

but then i decided to get up and gtfo of my house. i went and hung out with my parents, just us three, for a few hours. it was really, really great. i love nights like that.

last night i gathered a bunch of pictures and music that are inspiring for my new work-in-progress. the new playlist i put on my blog (to the right) has some of the songs i'm listening to while writing. i spent hours browsing post-apocalyptic works of art. very interesting, very fun.

i love writing again. i love going to group and hearing that hey, i do have some talent and no, my new stuff doesn't suck.

suddenly i lost my train of thought. oh well.

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jenniferlaurens said...

I LOVE your playlist. It totally captures your fabulous story. So gad you're writing again, can't wait to publish it.