Thursday, December 9, 2010

what the what

i can not understand, for the life of me, why guys in their mid to late twenties- heck, even EARLY twenties, go for girls EIGHTEEN AND FRESH OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL.

like, seriously?
can you not relate to an actual WOMAN or something? what's the deal???

at twenty-two, the idea of dating an eighteen year old guy makes me kinda want to jump into my bathtub with a hairdryer. just saying.

utah makes me LOL


Anonymous said...

haha I want to know what sparked this post! BTW I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG BACKGROUND

Emily Maria said...

Amen sista! And then they complain when the little girl stomps all over their heart. No sympathy here.

thankyoueverso said...

Thankyou thankyou! I could do a SERIES of rants on this subject....honestly. Probably should refrain from doing so however ;) or maybe not :D