Saturday, March 26, 2011


i got married too young

i used to be the most selfish person i knew. by far.

i used to base my self-esteem solely off of my looks

everything i've ever criticized about someone else has come back to haunt me.

i used to hate more people than i liked.

my brothers didn't want me to come on our family disneyland trip when i was in high school.

i stole my first boyfriend from his girlfriend just to fill the missing space of a friend that moved out of state.

but now?

i spend almost ninety percent of the time i'm NOT at work thinking about my kids there.

i try every day to make someone else happy.

i look for the good in people, and don't pay attention to the bad

i no longer think i'm better than everybody else.

i Love people. and i love God.

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jennsdaisypatch said...

awww so honest. Love you sis. so proud of you