Tuesday, March 22, 2011

catch up

so, life has been more of the same lately. but i figured i'd do a little catch up post.

firstly, i'm loving my job, aside from the fact that i had to call in sick today because i have NO energy anymore. i went to the doctor and found out that my iron levels are exceptionally low, so i have some new iron pills to take that should really turn things around. let's hope :)

overall now i've lost like twenty pounds since getting sick two months ago. i now weigh 130, give or take, and i'm starting to look like a runway model. i'm eating a lot, and hopefully when i get my iron levels up i'll stop losing. also i'm going to have my colonoscopy over my spring break, and i'm crossing my fingers that everything will come out alright from it. (no pun intended, hardy har:P)

hmmm what else? it was my birthday last week. we celebrated it at school with the kids, which was really cute and fun :) but i've been really too tired to to anything but read all of the harry potter books over and over again. i'm going to start watching some of my favorite anime to break things up a bit lol.

i know....so boring. seriously. but i figured i'd best update.

oh, and keep japan in your thoughts and prayers!

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