Tuesday, March 8, 2011

the greatest gift....

you know what the best part of waking up every day is for me lately?

being me.

i know that may sound kind of weird, but here's the thing:

i love myself. i am finally a person that i love to be. i feel like a good person, worth something.

i spent the last couple of years hating myself. nothing makes life worse than hating waking up and seeing yourself every day, and i don't mean simply physically. waking up and seeing all of your inadequacies and failures written all over yourself. all of your bitterness and hate.
sometimes i felt ashamed to be me, because of the way that i behaved. i felt trapped inside myself.

that was me then. but now i wake up, thrilled to go to work each day and be with kids i love so much they might as well be related to me. i love coming home and being with my family, and spending time with people who love me. i love doing things that enrich myself as a person, and my life....

because i'm worth it.

and knowing that, and loving myself....is truly the greatest gift.


hannabaorange said...

Before you can love somebody else truly, you must first love yourself thoroughly.

I always remember that quote. I'm getting there slowly, but I'm glad you love yourself, that's seriously amazing. Like it's such a huge thing, and I'm glad you realise that :)

You must also know that while you love yourself, so many other people whose lives you have touched, love you too. :) Even if you don't know it. So keep being you and touching peoples lives, truly, because you ARE amazing. <3

jennsdaisypatch said...

awww rache. You deserve to feel this way. I'm so proud of how far you've come. LOVE you!