Wednesday, April 13, 2011

spring break, harry potter and gluten free :)

so, the title sums it up. i don't need to write anything else. kthxbye.


i've been having my spring break this week, and it's been a welcome break from needing to be at work at eight o clock am each day. i've been sleeping in (sleeping in for me now is like, eight thirty hahaha) and resting up. i've also been giving eating gluten-free a try, and cross your fingers! it's really seeming to help. it's been the perfect week to test it.

this week is also supposed to be the week i move all of my stuff back to my parent's house....i can't WAIT to get that finished! i'll be sharing a room with my little brother, but he doesn't mind :) and neither do i. i'll just be glad to have all of my stuff home with me finally! i've been living off of a pile on jenn's floor for the last few months. it's really shown me how little i need lol. when i think about all of the clothing i'll be moving i kinda shudder :P

i've also been reading all of the harry potter books over and over. not even kidding. i love those books so much! it's weird, because after reading them all back-to-back i've really come to decide that i don't think the movies do them justice at all. sad, i know. i feel like daniel radcliffe was miscast, he misses so many of the nuances of harry's's not really his fault though considering he was cast in the movies as a kid, and cast pretty much by his looks alone. all the same, i do enjoy the movies. i've just realized i really enjoy them as a whole separate animal. there are so many characters in the books that you care about so much, that are barely touched in the movies.....i could go on all day about this, but i'm not going to lol.

anyway so it's been a nice and restful spring break thus far. i do miss my kids, though, and often find my mind wandering to them and wondering what they're doing over their break :)

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hannabaorange said...

The third HP movie is particularly bad for not doing it justice!!! Omigosh, don't get me started! :P I love the books, the movies are cool, but will never EVER be anywhere as great as the books. Book FTW.

Glad you've had a good restful break and fingers crossed for gluten free!!! I know SO many people who swear by it! It sucks at first, but I think you get used to it. :)

It's almost my holidays... yay! :) Hope to catch you on Skype soon xxx