Sunday, June 5, 2011

i'm having a love affair....with summer

srsly, omg i know it's scandalous

this summer is going to be amazing. why? well, let's see:
it's the first summer in two years that i haven't been horribly depressed.
i get to nanny my little sister and take her swimming, to parks, hiking, whatever we want to do! it's going to be a totally outdoorsy, fit summer and i'm mad stoked.
i look really good so i'm not self-conscious in my summer clothes (hey, i can admit the truth)
i'm going to be visiting/getting visits from my dear friends in logan, and we always have so much fun!
i'll be working at the autistic summer school program. enough said! yay!!!
i'm on medication, etc for my colitis so i don't feel tired all the time (this was especially bad last summer)

and lots of other things i can't think of right now. all i know is, i'm so excited to spend the summer outside, and make new friends, and hang out with both of my sisters a bunch :D plus, working at the summer school will be a blast! i will probably make a decent amount of money this summer, and i'm going to go hiking a lot. it's my new hobby :D i can't wait to have bbq every night (my family is nuts about bbq) and go to the parades and strawberry days! i can't wait to have late weekend nights at dennys! there are a million bajillion things i am stoked for, and it's all starting now :)

summer....i love you

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