Monday, June 6, 2011

simple little things

sundays at my house are all about church, family, relaxing and food (hehe)

this sunday was no exception. church was wonderful, we ate bbq and had a delicious cake. i played outside with scout and stood out in the sun for about an hour just staring at the beauty of nature hahaha

it was truly lovely.

i really do love the simple little things about life.

being outside, talking to aaron till two in the morning. talking to alyssa till even later ;) waking up early (don't ask me how i do it hehe) hanging out with all of my family members, taking pictures of beautiful things, my dog scout, going on drives with bekah, going on walks every day, reading my scriptures and reading conference talks, appreciating music, reading the great gatsby/fawning over how hot Robert Redford is in the weirdo film adaptation.....i could go on and on.

i know, i'm waxing so cheesy here, but life is wonderful. and i think it had to really suck the last few years for me to realize that. i have suffered a lot, but my capacity for joy has expanded even more.


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