Friday, July 8, 2011


so, i know i'm barely in that picture but bekah looks really cute! i just wanted to blog about how absolutely awesome she is. we go on drives and listen to great music :) bekah LOVES music....she reacts to it the way that it makes you FEEL, but she shows her reaction rather than just feeling it inside. she has great music tastes too :P i won't take credit for all of it, but she's listened to some of my favorite bands with me and loves them all :) queens of the stone age, the doors, them crooked vultures....totally she really enjoyed led zeppelin.
we have lots of inside jokes, too. bekah always knows how to make me smile. and she knows how to tease me ;) but i know how to tease her, too hehe. we have a very similar sense of humor.
i'm glad i'm hanging out with her this week :)

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