Thursday, July 28, 2011

what love is

i miss my kids. i miss them more every single day.

all i want right now is to go back and work with them again. i know if i get another classroom job, i will love those kids as well. but i want MY kids back. and it's hard to be powerless about it.

i try not to think about having that job again, because the pain and disappointment if/when it doesn't happen, will be so much. but still, i dream about it. i dream about being back at the school with them. sometimes i think about what it would be like to work there when i'm not, quite literally dying. i loved it so much during one of the hardest times in my life. i know i would love it fifty times more now.

i just hope.....i just pray....

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hannabaorange said...

In the meantime, until you get back to working with your kids... if you see a book by a lady called Torey Hayden, pick it up and read it. I really think it will satisfy you until you get back to what you love. Seriously. Torey is an amazing person, and she writes about the amazing kids she has worked with. I think it would be really good for you to read.