Sunday, January 1, 2012

sneak peak of the year

me and savvy

i want to write about the holidays and most of all, my time with savvy...but i'm super scatterbrained right now

so i'll just say for now that it was awesome and i'll write about it soon! right now i just have to give a sneak peak of some really awesome things that are going to happen this year- including two trips to houston before the summer, and then MOVING to houston in the summertime!!
the plan is to make a lot of money and kick it in style with my dear friend savvy ;) i'm going out in february and then again in april, we're going to explore the city and get me to know my way around/go to some cool events/just chill in her BEAUTIFUL home etc. it's going to be fantastic and such a great start to the year. i'll blog more about it later, but for now all i can say is I'M STOKED.

happy new year!!! this one's going to be epic ;)

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