Thursday, January 19, 2012

a wordvomit, in which i make plans.

first off i'd like to update that reclaiming my ego and vanity is going splendidly. i am sexy and i know it, and so does everyone else. the best part is, i mean this. and this is HUGE progress ;)

so with that out of the way, let's continue...

it's close to eleven-thirty (at least as i am writing this heh) and i'm sitting here, trying to collect the thoughts that have been sort of flurrying through my head all day.

things have been different for me since savvy's visit over the holidays. the winter slump i fight hard not to give into every year has been held at bay as i've begun working on personality traits that have long overstayed their fact, they were not welcome in the first place ;)

but that's beside the point. i'm sitting here in my room after being sick the last four days, absolutely stircrazy and wishing that i had something i could do RIGHT NOW to break me out of feeling this way. in my frenzied moments i decided to write up a self-improvement plan.

now, let me just say that i write up these plans oh, every few months or so. it depends on what is going on in my life and how my self-esteem is looking. tonight, at this point, after calling in sick the last three days and not leaving the house much (i picked up some kind of flu, either from the babies or my kids at school...i forgive either ;) ) i am really feeling a little down and not quite myself, so i decided to draw a plan up. i've certainly been less disciplined about eating healthy and my exercise because of being sick....i flat out haven't even been trying the last few days...unfortunately with my UC when i get sick, i REALLY go normal life halts a day or two often times as i rest up and recover.

but anyway...i've got a plan written up now, and i feel accomplished just for writing it ;) now to put it into action! i've got a month until i go to houston to visit savvy and that's going to be my evaluation time...i hope to really see some differences in the next few weeks in my attitude, my self-esteem and my body. i'm really going to focus on toning up my legs ;) and i'm stoked!

unlike people who write up lists of resolutions each year and never do them, i actually tend to follow through. right now i am really into personal growth and i've made so many amazing changes throughout the last year due to all of my challenges...i always want to build upon that and make sure that those trials have not gone to waste. tomorrow it's back to work and i know i'll feel a LOT better back in my normal routine, and ready to make the weekend a big step in the right direction.

thank goodness for my blog! i swear these wordvomit sessions help me to gather my thoughts SO much....i guess it makes sense that i'm a writer ;)

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