Sunday, December 2, 2012

too much for words

i had one of those days today where i just marveled over how AWESOME life is, and how great it is to be alive. man...there is nothing like being really sick and having surgery that gives you essentially a second chance at life, to remind you that not a moment of life should be squandered. i have been enjoying every moment with my family. i have been reading a TON these last few weeks and loving each adventure that comes with each new book, appreciating the beauty of language and words and well-woven stories. i'm enjoying every bite of food i take that doesn't result in me feeling like the walking dead. my mom decorated our house and it looks ridiculously amazing, like something out of a catalog. i can sit in our family room and look at our beautiful tree, with the ornaments that we've collected and accumulated over many's SO cool. my body is weak right now but every day it's getting stronger, and tapering off of prednisone i feel like myself again mentally and it's such a blessing because i LOVE myself! i am a fun, happy and hilarious person and it's great to "be back"!

oh and sidenote- tonight my dad was assisting me in some ostomy stuff and we were both cracking up over the dorkiest stuff. i love my dad. he has really been my champion and advocate and friend through all of this in the most amazing way, and i am so grateful. i am so loved, and i just want to spend my time and energy making sure that everyone who loves me, feels just as loved as i do.

merry christmas season!! life is good. and on bad days, it will ALWAYS get better.
promise :)

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jennsdaisypatch said...

yes!!! I'm so glad you feel like you again!