Thursday, November 29, 2012

post-surgery madness

so i'm sitting here in my hospital bed....and i want to go home!!

i know, i know, no rush....i am actually in a lot of pain today, and switched from the pain pump to oral pain meds. but my doctor assures me, this pain will actually GO AWAY. it's hard for anyone to understand, i think, the fact that for the past few years i have been in pain EVERY SINGLE DAY. pain that just got more and more severe, and never went away. all i could do was treat the pain. mask it. nothing actually got rid of it. so for me to know that this pain is temporary, is amazing. in fact, i don't think i actually believe it. but as the days go by and the pain gets better, i know i'll be able to believe it and man will i be happy!!

i would write more about the surgery, but i'm kind of scatterbrained right now. today has been difficult, last night was difficult. i don't want to get into it until i can do it justice, but i had a bad reaction to a medication and it made for a pretty crazy night.

HOWEVER....that is over. most of  today has been great and i intend for the night to be great as well! i really want to make some progress reading a new book i have, and i'm "playing pool" and chatting with my dearest friend alyssa. man, i just have to pay tribute to her in this blog right now. she has been the best friend anyone could ever ask for. she has been here for me no matter what and has been so amazing....that i DESERVE a friend like her baffles me. i absolutely love her and i hope to be as good of a friend to her and to the other people i love. the world would be a better place if we all had friends like that!!

anyway, i'll write again soon later. hopefully the next time i write, i write from home! everything is going well and my surgery and recovery has been pretty much perfect, so what else can i ask for?

love to any and all

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