Sunday, November 18, 2012

feels like my life is a countdown these days...

everything is building up to my surgery. and it's only a week away.

i'm SO glad i'm not still waiting until december eleventh. i am honestly not sure i would have made it until then. even now, these last few days have been perilous in many ways, and the days that stretch before me are slightly ominous with the whole, "what could happen" feeling that keeps trying to take over my brain.

good thing my brain's militia are ALWAYS on the alert to take down those bad-guy redcoat thoughts ;) whatever would i do without them?

so...counting down. in a week (and a day, to be fair) my life will begin to change! i'm sure in two weeks i'll be in some heinous recovery stage and booing at this cheery blog....
but, all of that will be temporary, unlike my UC.

the REAL countdown isn't even the surgery...well, just not all of it. it's the upcoming spring/summer where i will finally be able to do the things i've been missing. and more.

countdowns, countdowns galore! now you see what i need them for ;)

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