Saturday, January 15, 2011

effing sick part 2

so, i was feeling better for two days exactly...
and then i felt horrible again.
and i mean HORRIBLE.

i woke up last night shaking so bad that i started crying. and derek had to rush in and comfort me. i know, i'm such a baby. but seriously.

i was given some antibiotics by my doctor. i took them for one day and stopped, because i thought they were making this worse. and because the antibiotics were for something scary and potentially life-threatening and i really didn't want to think that i had that.

well, i'm pretty sure i do. i started taking the antibiotics again today. cross your fingers, pray, send out good vibes, whatever if you can...

i REALLY don't want to go to the emergency room.


hannabaorange said...

Awww honey... are you feeling any better today?

jennsdaisypatch said...

awwww my poor rachie!!! I love you!! you will get better soon!