Thursday, January 27, 2011

holy crap, am i still alive?

pinching myself, and seeing that my skin is no longer gray and my eyes are no longer glazed over i suppose the answer is yes.
yes, yes, yes.

my recovery from whatever the HELL took over my system the last three weeks is slow, but still progress. i've been able to go to work every day this week. (sidenote: i LOVE my job. i can't imagine NOT having a job now. i think back to myself at this exact point last year: jobless, lame, and totally boring and i can't BELIEVE i ever avoided having a job at all)

so yeah....last week i lived at my mom and dad's house so that they could take care of me. i watched lots of movies, talked to my mom a ton and looked at my brother's new baby from across the room longingly lol (longing as in, longing to hold her. not longing for my own. not yet, thank you!)
and aside from being deathly ill (it was decided i resembled a corpse for a few days) it was actually a really good week. it's so cheesy, but i keep discovering so much about myself as time goes on and last week was a week of growth for me. except width-wise, because i kept throwing up. hehe.
anyway, i'm just so grateful that even though i was and am still kind of sick, i have such a great family. i feel like they are all my heroes, especially my mom and dad. they're such great people i'm glad i've always been able to look up to them.
and i'm so grateful for my job, and how understanding they were of me having to take over a week off. i've been so glad to be back this week, it's such a great place.
and i'm grateful for derek, who has had me watching star trek: next generation. nerdiness is awesomeness. for sure.

anyway, that's all the update for now. i'm going to go stuff my face, as my appetite has been insatiable this week. like, seriously.


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