Friday, January 7, 2011

it's spring on my blog!

now don't think i'm jumping ahead of myself...i've been really good about not wanting the seasons to switch the moment they begin and pining for them once they're over....i'm actually just fine with winter but when it came time to re-decorate my blog, i was feeling for something bright & cheery to suit my demeanor :)

so....while it's still bundle-up weather for another couple of months (i like to pretend march is spring even though half the time it's not, but i mean come on, it doesn't exactly belong under the winter label...) it's sunny on my blog :D

and sunny everywhere i go.

can i just add....i love my job. i love it, i love it, i LOVE it. i cannot believe how blessed i am.

thuh end.

1 comment:

hannabaorange said...

Love your new blog background!! Very bright! :)

And I can't get over how great your job is and how happy you are in it! Soooo happy for you xox