Sunday, January 2, 2011


Christmas 2010

i wanted to write a blog about the last two weeks, especially this last week and the awesome time i got to spend with my mom and my sister jenn.

we had such a good time. we watched tons of dr. quinn, ate yummy Christmas treats and helped prepare the food for new year's day :)
i was so, so glad i got to spend the whole week just hanging out with my mom and my sis :) jenn and i used to share a room, and we've always been so close.
now she's busy and i'm even decently busy ;) so we don't get to spend as much time together. this week, we got to hang out every day and i loved it! i'm so, so glad i have such a wonderful family especially my sister and my mom. jenn has always been someone i can rely on, look up to and learn from. she is truly a beautiful, self-sufficient person. whoever she marries will have to battle me to get my approval, because not just anyone gets my sis!!

love ya jenn :)

below i've posted a few pics, some are old and some are new. you can probably tell which :) thanks to the new photo project i'm doing i've been taking a lot more pictures than usual and i'm so glad. i already am grateful i got to document this amazing week with my family.

my wedding day :)

classic "us" myspace style lol


my mom has always thought this was a really weird picture haha

naf days in the old building

dq while preparing for the new year's feast :D

we made awesome queso dip

sisters :)


hannabaorange said...

Wish I had a sister! :)

Lovely pics!! :)


thankyoueverso said...

You WOULD be my sister if you lived here :D

jennsdaisypatch said...

awww Rachie. Thank you so much for being MY sister and being an example to ME!!! I just love you so so much. All because the holidays are 'over' does NOT mean we are too busy to hang out!!! We will make time :-) I look forward to watching more DQ with you this Winter!!!