Thursday, February 24, 2011


it's supposed to snow tonight. and tomorrow. and the next day...

i'm so full of spring fever i might burst, but the weather doesn't heed anyone, especially me ;) or else it would have heeded my request to please snow during the Christmas season...which it really didn't....


i'm sitting here at my parent's house, having just read three harry potter books within the last few days (one of the good things that's come out of my being sick)

i've had just enough strength pretty much to get to work, be okay there, and then come home and nap for a couple of hours. even as i write, it's close to my "bed time".

the minute i feel better, i'm going shopping. a lot of my clothes don't fit that great anymore since i've lost so much weight. i bought myself some new jeans last week, and it was like an epic effort to even try jeans on at all. i decided shopping is more fun when you're not nearly passing out trying on yeah....

anyway, not much else to say. i'm going to start the LAST harry potter book....and i'm sad to start it all over! i was bawling when i read the end of half-blood prince today. i forgot how much the movies leave out.

time to snuggle up with my books :D

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