Thursday, April 26, 2012

an update, of stoked-ness.

life has been so incredible lately. i don't know where to start!
although i am still physically exhausted and my illness is still quite active, i have been able to make it through work each day. this in itself is a miracle. every morning i wake up thinking i just can't do it again that day, and i do. i love my job so much, but it's physically taxing almost beyond my capability to handle. i KNOW the lord is lending me strength because i am where i'm meant to be.
i'm so grateful.
i also have been so much more positive about my UC. i know it will improve with these infusions. it will just take time and adjustment.

this week i cold-turkeyed off of a pain med i have been prescribed since october. the pain has lessened enough that it doesn't keep me up at night without the med, and i decided that i'd rather deal with what's left of the pain than be on the medication anymore. it affected my moods and personality. for the first time in MONTHS i feel like myself again, and i am so happy! i pray every single day in gratitude that i have been able to cold-turkey off of the meds without horrible withdrawals. i feel like ME again. i am realigned spiritually and it feels amazing.
i am living a Christ-centered life and i could not be more happy!

with that all said, i am SO GLAD it's almost the weekend! i want to sleep, sleep, sleep!

love to any and all!

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