Monday, June 25, 2012

i hate weekends.

can i just get that out there?
okay so....maybe not ALL weekends...and not everything ABOUT weekends....
but in general, i'm a person who does best with a routine. during the week it's simple: wake up, go to work, come home, eat, do yoga, work with bekah, chill time, evening walk, reading and bed.
now it's not like i don't ever deviate from this routine- i have writer's group on wednesdays and i have no problem altering it to hang out with people (usually ha ha) it's just in this routine, i feel most productive and therefore most happy. i love waking up early. i LOVE seeing my kids each day. yoga has become MY LIFE. i absolutely don't know how i lived without it. my walks at dusk are something else i love.
and working with bekah? it's amazing. i've learned SO MUCH at CHA that i feel will be so beneficial for her and i am LOVING it! she and i have such a great relationship because we can play and be goofy but she also knows to take me seriously when  i ask her to, so when we work it's all business. (of course that still includes some fun, as it should with DIR) i am just so convinced that my love of working with autistic kids is there so that SHE can benefit from it. i hope to teach her to read well enough that she can read independently when she wants to and really get joy from books. at this point, her attention span is the biggest problem because she knows words and letters and all of that REALLY well. she's so smart it kills me. i mean, i already knew she was but then to work with her on academics and see how well she does is really exciting!
anyway so....this all ties in because with autistic kids, schedule and routine are usually a really big deal. and i'm pretty sure my whole deal with routine ties into that ;) because i just don't function as well without one on my day-to-day. the big exception seems to be travel/adventures.

anywayyyyyyy what else to say? i'm SO glad it's monday and so excited for another week of work and to keep working with bekah! i'm also crazy stoked because i have two really good friends i'm going to be seeing a lot more and it's just great. they're both people i know really well and who i'm comfortable with, so they get more than 2% ;) and that's just awesome. is amazing! my health keeps improving and i'm set to go to cali in august! i can't wait! it'll be my first trip since getting sick, and i'm really stoked. i am so so SO blessed to have the job i do, and the people who are in my life. seriously- what more can you ask for than good people who LOVE you and work that you are passionate about?

oh also- my new obsession is motorcycles. derek got one and we've gone on a couple of rides. OBSESSED. i WANT one.

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