Friday, June 29, 2012

when i'm up late, i think too much. more than usual even.

first thing's first:
i think entirely TOO MUCH.

second thing: i used to be adamant that if someone was interested in you- and i mean REALLY interested- and you had a blog, they would read it. otherwise, they weren't really interested.

this began back in the days of myspace- i took to my blog there with a fierce devotion. i made it my new journal without really intending to. i had dozens and dozens of private entries, and i had dozens more that were public for anyone to read. to me, if someone REALLY wanted to get a good idea about me from my myspace page, they'd go right to my blogs and read them.

i'm not sure how often it happened.

as a writer, this mattered to me. a lot. and it still does.

i mean, when i am interested in a guy, instead of looking at pictures or stalking his facebook ;) i look first to see if he has a blog. it's not a strike against him if he doesn't- not everyone is a writer and more than that, not everyone expresses themselves through writing even if they don't claim to be a writer. people express themselves, vent, think&process in many different ways.
however- if the guy DOES have a blog, it's a HUGE plus. it points already to having something in common. it means that maybe, just maybe, he's the kind of guy who likes to read the blogs of girls he's interested in. it means that maybe he'll have at least a tiny bit of understanding of why i'm such a freak about Being a Writer.


i don't write this blog for anybody other than myself. i don't write it because i need the validation of knowing people read it. but if someone was interested in me, and they DID read would be a sort of connection. even just FRIENDS reading it connects me to them in a way.

see? i think too much. i think about how, not enough guys i know have blogs. about how i have met so few guys who care about writing at all. i've always felt like if a guy is interested in ME, he'd be interested in the writer part of me- because it's a HUGE part! i don't go around throwing what i've written in people's faces, but when someone expresses genuine interest in reading the novel i'm writing, or my poetry or whatever...that endears them to me. it means they're interested in a facet of me beyond my being funny and "hot" and whatever else. even if it's a friendship thing, i feel like to know me you need to know at least a little about me as a writer and why i care about it so much- why it's one of my biggest passions. when i meet people, i'm always interested in what their interests and passions are because I AM a passionate person. if they can't think of any to tell me? what a sad thing. what a letdown.

if you're passionate about something, share it with people. friends, future romantic interests, whatever...let them know that something lights up your days and drives your thoughts and imagination. without passions, life would be gray and completely boring.

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