Friday, July 6, 2012

hard to please, or....

i started thinking about this....after an interesting conversation a few days back....
how much seriously goes into attraction.

what i mean is, there are people that are found universally attractive...celebrities and public figures, whatever. and that's all good and well. but there's so much more to it when it's REAL LIFE.

for instance, i've come to understand that for me, personally...looks only get someone so far.

i mean, if i find a guy attractive and he ends up being the world's biggest douche, or completely lacking in the depth department, or has a flat/boring literally KILLS the physical aspect for me. he could be an adonis and if he can't keep me interested with who he IS, his sense of humor, his literally doesn't matter what he looks like.
 truly, the effect someone's looks will have on me only lasts so long before i'm disenchanted.
chock it up to my ridiculous attention span...i get bored so fast if a guy has NOTHING to back up his looks. my being actually attracted to someone is a build-up of so many different things...and the physical aspect is small in comparison to his wit, his interests, his passions and drive.

it could just be that i'm hard to please.

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