Sunday, July 22, 2012

living beneath the Radar

here goes one of those seriously awkward way-too-open blogs. what about, you ask? why, my weirdo self-image. sit down. make some tea.

here it is. i have this fear. that nobody i'm interested in will EVER be interested in me. because i swear....nobody is. ever. it's a miracle i ever got married in the first place.
(HERE is where you add in a pun/joke about how that didn't last. i couldn't think of any good ones)

back to business;

i'm also afraid i'll never be interested in somebody ELSE for longer than say...a week. i've always had a problem with that. but it's worse now. (i've been diagnosed with adult add so maybe i have...birds and bees add too? ha)

i've had this slight....inclination toward someone for awhile. and it just doesn't matter...because i am like that ultra unnoticeable girl. or maybe i radiate vibes of scariness. who knows. all i want is something simple. an association. to know that not every association i have, will be like what i had with my ex. to know that maybe somebody thinks i'm awesome, who i think is awesome too. nothing has to come of it. i'm a Stage Four LONER. but i just need to know....

yep...hey, i'm a woman. men notice me. men that i notice back.

because's like my whole world exists beneath The Radar here.

the end.

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