Wednesday, August 1, 2012

far from simple

life is such a kick! where do i begin? my life hasn't been so much about events as it has been epiphanies. i've been paid some of the most wonderful and genuine compliments lately and it's really boosted my spirits. i've had thought-provoking discussions (especially with my lovely jenn) and been reading some great stuff.
not to mention, i work with literally THE greatest people imaginable and with kids i love like they were my own. i've reconnected with old friends and enjoyed their company, and made new friends as well.
i've been writing and back in my creative mindset much more than i have been in the last few years. it's wonderful to have that drive and passion back full-force.
my health is still a rollercoaster but seems to be at a turning point right now. life is hard but it's amazing. i'm so much more of a person than i was just months ago, and i'm so grateful.
life will continue to bring challenges and joy.
i will continue to welcome them both.

ps- mere christianity is a MUST READ. cs lewis is just...beyond words.

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jennsdaisypatch said...

love you SO much. So glad we get to have our sisterly discussions :)