Tuesday, August 28, 2012

when you no longer wish to try

i've had a rough and pretty terrible last little while.
i won't really go  into it, but i've been letting go of a lot, and giving up hope.

i detest myself for doing so, but all of the fight has gone out of me. i'm sad, and despise how hopeless i feel. but it seemed like trying to overcome it just made me feel it more acutely...so i've just stopped.

i don't know how often i'll be writing from here on out, because there's not a lot of point. i just figured i'd be honest.

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hannabaorange said...

Honey there is ALWAYS hope. This post scares me. Don't give up, please?!

You are stronger than you think. You haven't been through everything you've been through, only to give up now. All that you've fought so far, would have been for nothing if you do!

You know you have the support of your amazing family, and friends. As well as what I can do from here, which isn't much, and I, too, feel helpless, because I wish I could do something more tangible. You KNOW I'm ALWAYS here to talk to. Email me? Talk? Rant? Bitch? Moan? But don't give up. NEVER give up. <3