Friday, August 24, 2012

fun, fyi.

i went and met up with some girls tonight at red mango. we sat and talked for a couple of hours, and it was great.
i'm not really a "girl's night" type of person typically. i mean, i suppose i can be but i struggle finding more than one or two girls i want to really spend much time with, so it doesn't usually happen. tonight though, was so much fun. the girls were smart, funny and dynamic. we had lots of laughs and good conversation, and this was the first time we'd all hung out together and my first time meeting one of the girls. it was lovely to have an evening of conversation on a deeper level. it reminded me that i don't have to be so absurdly guarded with everyone, because sometimes you connect with people when you give it a chance ;)
one thing i love about good conversation is the different perspectives you can glean from it. it helps me remember that EVERYONE is living out their own experience here on this earth, and that there is a lot you can learn from people. i love being around people who are strong and positive- being in their company brings you up in ways you almost don't realize until after the fact. it helps to remind ME to be sure that when people leave MY company, they feel uplifted or happy or something positive.

i'd say goodnight, but i'm pretty sure i won't be sleeping tonight once"good evening" (there's a movie reference in there hehe but i'm not sure anyone will get it because i quote the weirdest nonsense from movies)


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