Sunday, June 10, 2012

oh, life!

life is so, so beautiful.

the more i live the gospel, give it my ALL- the happier i am.

i am nowhere NEAR  a perfect person. i have made mistakes and continue to make them. i have hurt people i loved, done things i'm not proud of, etc.

but it just doesn't matter. not with the gospel of Jesus Christ. not with the atonement. my rough edges are smoothed. my weaknesses are slowly being turned to strengths. with suffering, i learn to have joy in the true and pure and simple things.

i am a person who has been blessed with a wonderful life, a great capacity for love and many talents. i am excited for life to continue, to become what i am meant to be. i am ever grateful for my opened perspective as of late. i am ever grateful for the love of a God who has never and will never, give up on me.

life is JOYFUL.

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