Friday, September 21, 2012

here's something-

it takes a LOT for people to mean something to me.
and i don't say this proudly, or like i'm so cool or whatever. i don't know that it's necessarily a bad thing, but i don't know that it's good, either. you don't want to have "friends" that you don't really care or think about. and don't get me started on dating/relationships...people who jump in WAY too fast and freak the living hell out of me, because they don't understand what i've tried to tell them...that for me to care at all takes TIME. and it takes even longer for me to really be interested in some guy, or form what i feel is a true bond. and until then, well...they could be anybody.
 i should probably stop there, so that i don't sound completely heartless. Ha.

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