Saturday, September 29, 2012

there is no i in we.

sometimes i wish i could stop thinking. holy crap.

lately i've just been all in a dither over various situations in which somebody couldn't seem to deal with how antisocial and "feelingless" i am, and wanted/tried to change it.

(ps, those situations involved someone ending up lonely- and it wasn't me. and only partly because i don't get lonely) hahaha

no but really...i've been thinking a lot (read:toomuch) about things that are inherent inside me as a person, part of my core makeup that are simply different, and things that aren't and need to be changed. i've realized working with kids how differently wired we all are as people. there are a LOT of extroverted people in this world. people who crave other people's validation, who need each other. i'm learning that not only am i NOT like that, but there's nothing wrong with the fact that i'm not. my wiring is different, not busted. (well, at least not in those ways hehe)
it's a weight off of my chest, it's helping with my guilt issues...that i've had as long as i've been aware of being pretty much since i was a really young child.

it's a good thing to know. even better to know that it will never change because it's part of my actual being- and what's more, i don't WANT it to change and that's fine. more than fine actually. awesome.
the end.

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