Sunday, November 7, 2010

daylight savings

i hate it.
i hate hate hate it.
well, at least, i hate it when it's winter.
i despise how early it gets dark. talk about wanting to lock yourself in a tanning bed and never come out...(because of the lack of sun, not for actual tanning ;) )
no but seriously....i've been excited for winter. and then daylight savings came, and i realized how early it's going to get dark and it made me hurt a little inside.
and mostly because i'm sort of scared that depression will hit...
(it always seems to get worse in the winter)

i'll just have to pray like crazy that i'll be okay and won't turn into a mopey, sad mess.

at least derek and i are going to las vegas with my parents in december. that will be nice. the problem isn't really december, though. it's january and february. and who are we kidding, despite it being the month of my birthday, march sucks too.

i decided this morning (after staying up late last night)
that i hate staying up late and sleeping in. i don't know how i did it for like, a year and a half. i love waking up early because i absolutely love the morning.
however, i haven't been waking up early enough. i wake up about eight thirty or nine. now that daylight savings has hit, i want every minute of the daylight that i can have so i'm going to begin adhering to a strict schedule that involves getting up at seven and going to bed at eleven.

it sounds boring, but it allows me to have the time to work out and get in a good few hours at work every day. i also need to set aside an hour for violin practice as well.

so now this blog is rambling into a whole different subject....but whatever....
the reason i'm adhering to a strict schedule is because i putz around too much. seriously. i wake up with the best of intentions to get a bunch of stuff done, but then i get sidetracked reading something or being on my computer...
i'm really tired of having that problem, so i'm going actually be writing down when to do what for the next while. yeah sure, it makes me feel like a kid or something but who cares. i need to stop dawdling and if it works, it works.....

the weather is beautiful today, but this week it's supposed to snow. i need to get on that maybe getting a new car business, and fast.....

and admittedly, i'm dreaming of a place far from here that a dear friend has sent me pictures of, wishing i were there instead :D

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hannabaorange said...

Ohh I started a "good intentions" thing today too, like your getting up early. I'm going to finish work an hour before my mum, and start walking home, and she'll pick me up as she drive past an hour later :) Except I hit a bump today in the shape of two MASSIVE blisters on my feet :( I might try cycling home for the rest of the week haha! :) Good luck with yours! xx