Sunday, May 29, 2011

breaking out of the sick bay

i think i've blogged enough about being sick. i was sick enough to never be sick again in my life and be okay with it ;) but like all things, the sickness has to have closure.

by closure i mean, i need to break out of the sick bay, as it were.
what do i mean by that? well, i'll tell you. have a cup of tea.

the last six months, i have been very ill and have thus developed daily habits in living according to how sick i was. example: for the first five months of the illness, i was working at the school so i went to bed at eight thirty every night so i could wake up at six thirty the next day and have a hope of having the needed energy to work.

i also pretty much ate whatever i could keep down, with little regard to what it actually was. as long as it stayed in my stomach and i wasn't ralphing it up at work two hours later. so it wasn't always the healthiest food even though the majority of it was decent.

also, i spent all of the time i wasn't working for five months in my room/in bed. this got old, and fast.

well, after my blood transfusion a month ago, some of the habits shifted. i was on a steroid because of inflammation, and the steroid made a complete insomniac out of me. so now i was awake till five am pretty much every night, and sleeping in till whenever i could. usually about ten at the earliest, and one at the latest. ew. ick. gross. i LOVE waking up early. this was very annoying to me.

secondly, i started feeling insatiably hungry (also a side effect of the steroid. DON'T take steroids unless you NEED to) and so i started eating whatever i wanted in huge, disgusting, massive amounts. don't believe me? one saturday at jcw's i ate the following: a half salad, a grilled cheese sandwich, an all-american burger, an order of hot wings and some fries. yeah. and i still didn't feel full. oddly enough, i haven't gained any weight but i've been eating truckloads. now that i'm off of the steroid, i haven't been eating as much but still have had the "i'll eat whatever" mentality that i carried the last six months.

lastly, i have been absolutely STIRCRAZY after all of the time spent in my room/bed. and without my job, i've been finding other ways of entertaining myself. this summer, i'll be bekah's buddy. i'll be spending all day taking her to movies, parks, the pool, whatever i feel like. it'll be fun, but it needs to feel like a job so this leads me to the point of this post:

breaking away from the sickbay= getting rid of these "sick" habits and behaving like a normal, healthy person again.

first and foremost, i am going to fix my sleeping patterns so i am going to bed around eleven and waking up at six. i am going to walk and lift weights, because now that i'm quite thin i'd really like to tone up. i'm also going to be eating super clean and working really hard to eliminate foods that trigger colitis flare-ups. i'm kinda nuts obsessed with taking care of myself after how sick i've been. it makes sense, i know lol.
i pretty much just need to break out of the few "sick" habits and mindsets i've had the last few months. it shouldn't be too hard, i've already started doing it. i'm so excited to be feeling healthy again. i can't wait to work out and just live each day super hard after being in "snooze" mode for months. it's exciting!!

i know this blog entry is kinda boring, and truthfully totally word-vomit style. i always have to write about stuff to get it all figured out and set in my mind, so forgive me if you actually read this whole thing and now want the five minutes of your life back ;)


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hannabaorange said...

Good on you for getting back on track. I wish I had your resolve. I'm stubborn, but I have like zero will power to carry things through. I always make plans but never do them. I'm so proud of you for tackling this like you have. <3