Tuesday, May 31, 2011

my subconscious is a fiend

i have the weirdest dreams.


a few weeks ago, i had a dream that all of the kids from my class were in. i got to hug them all, and hang out with them. but we were at a parade, and one of the kid's family was made up entirely of extremely overweight gypsies. yeah. weird. and no mystery why i had that dream, i miss my kids like crazy.

i also had a dream awhile ago like my "dad" who was actually some guy i've never seen before, and i were flying a plane through hell. but it looked like hellfire peninsula in WoW. no idea what it was, at some point we landed and then the plane was gone. lolersk8.

and then last night i had a dream like i was the MC in my current story, and that one of the other characters killed my MC's sister, and forced me to stay with him anyway. and he was really hot, which is the way i wrote him, but still....a guy kills your sister, you should never notice how hot he is. all the same, in my dream, i was all over that ;) i'm thinking this dream was my subconscious saying i'd better finish this story, or else....

hahaha man i love dreams. now if i could have a dream WITHIN a dream.....i'd be satisfied :D

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hannabaorange said...

You should totally get a dream dictionary, even if you don't believe in that stuff, it's super interesting to see how some people can believe it relates to your life!