Friday, May 20, 2011


this week, derek and i finally moved all of our stuff out of our apartment. for the last few months while i've been sick, our stuff has sat there untouched. derek offered to move it, but i wanted to help, especially because we wanted to divide up our stuff that was still boxed and i had no idea what i wanted!
so we borrowed some bigger cars and went over with my little brother to help since i'm still really pathetically weak and have this cough to boot. we put on music, packed everything up and divided it. it was cathartic, and oddly fun. i sorted all of my clothes, and i couldn't believe how much i have! i'll never need to go shopping again lol. for the last couple of years i was overweight and hated all of my clothes on myself so i never wore them. now i have tons of barely-used stuff to wear. it's pretty awesome!

so now i have my stuff all in my room. thanks to my gram buying me a BEAUTIFUL chest of drawers, all of my clothes have a place. i have my new bedding, and need to set up my new bed frame. i cleaned up my room and unpacked right away, and it's MUCH nicer now not to be living in the insane clutter it was for a bit!

next weekend, derek and i are going up to logan to visit our good friends and i am so excited! we're going to spend friday and saturday up there. it's so great to have him as a friend. when we cleaned out our apartment, it reminded me once again that what we were doing was right. i thought back to what it was like living there, and how much happier we both are now. we get along so well now, i know it sounds weird, but any time we spend together now is so much more fun. the weekend in logan will be a blast, going there as friends. i'm excited to go because i've been so housebound lately recovering.

along those lines, i slept ELEVEN hours last night! eww, gross. i know i really needed it, but i still hated it lol.

well, i'm off to vacuum my room now! i can't wait until it stops raining, i want it to be warm so i can wear all of my super cute spring clothes, including the ones i bought this week with my birthday money (finally!)

i'm out :P

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