Friday, May 13, 2011

now here's something you'll really enjoy

first, i must broadcast
that the current score is
moonface- 0
rachel- 1

moonface, in case you don't know (which you probably don't because let's face it, why should you?) is a condition where your face swells. the swelling in my legs went down a few days ago and so they're back to normal, but my face and the top of my neck stayed pleasantly swollen and "malone-like" (see gentlemen prefer blondes for reference)

needless to say....i didn't like it....if you looked just at my face, it looked like it did when i was at my heaviest. and then there's this malnourished little body underneath it. so i was walking around looking like quite the circus attraction. in my opinion anyway. i tried to laugh about it, but this is my FACE we're talking about....not my legs...and when i finally started being able to laugh about it, the swelling started to go down. yay! it might be because i'm tapering off of prednisone, who knows....but all i can say is: "see ya, moonface...don't let the door knock you on your ass on the way out." and excuse my french, but trust me, you'd feel the same way if it was you....

so next i'll just say...i've been kind of bed-confined, because i tried to do too much after my blood transfusion and now have a mean cough/cold that may or may not be pneumonia. "they don't know for sure"....seriously, i am starting to doubt doctors in general so much after this whole ordeal that i am considering seriously going into medicine because i will NEVER be one of those "too casual about it" doctors that seem to be over....anyway, i'm pegging my hopes on it just being a cough but they gave me an antibiotic shot anyway.....and so from being bed-confined, i have read the great gatsby another fifty times.
words cannot express how much i love that book! i've also started the hunger games....jenn and i have a deal that if i read that, she'll read the great gatsby....the hunger games is really good! after all of this reading i've been doing, i'm super inspired to write. i'm so excited to get back into writing now that life has changed so much and i actually feel like i can. i just...couldn't before...long story, but that phase is over :)

oh and i got new bedding...which is really exciting to me for some reason. i can't WAIT to get my room officially cute and set up! when i've recovered from this cough's the FIRST thing i'm doing!

all for now!

ps....willy wonka is the GREATEST. thuh end.

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