Saturday, May 14, 2011

omfg boredddddd

holy goodness i am so restless. i need to do something to entertain myself, and quick.

i've been doing a lot of reading lately. i just finished the hunger games, which i really enjoyed. but i'm restless to go out and DO something...

unfortunately, i really can't. i need to take it easy and get better. i can't tell if this cough is going away or seems kinda the same as it was two days ago, except i feel a little less crappy. i can't tell if i still have a fever or not...all the same, i want to go somewhere! do something!
this week, derek and i are finally going to get all of our stuff, and i can't wait to go through my clothes and see all of the summer clothes i haven't worn forever. i'm sick of wearing the same thing every day hahaha

well.....this attempt to save myself from boredom failed....onto the next!

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hannabaorange said...

rediscover myspace? use stumbleupon? :D They're great ways to kill time!!

PS I'm feeling restless tooooooooooooo argh why are there so many miles between us. xx