Saturday, February 4, 2012

life was just starting to get good

and then.....this.

it was fun to, you know.....hang out with cute guys, and new friends, and go hottubbing every week, followed by late-night dennys visits.

i don't miss it at all!



(i really am kinda sad....but i also am in one of those 'laugh it up' phases so i am surviving just fine. feel free to come visit me and bring me lots of foodz. thxbye.)

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hannabaorange said...

Hot tubbing? Late night Dennys? Can I have your friends please?! Mind you, I live in the middle of NOWHERE so there are no Dennys. And none of my friends have hottubs.

Today my friend is coming with me to my blood test, then we're gonna rip it up at the hardware store (running an errand for my dad haha) and then we're gonna get cray-zay at the local playground on the swings. We're cool like that.

Hope you have a spiffing day dearest! xox