Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more thoughts

as i sit here in iv therapy, another three hours crawling by...
all i can think is how glad i'll be when this is no longer a regular part of my life.

apparently the chemodrug infusions take like five hours, so it looks like i'll always be stuck with iv's in some way..but still, not going to iv therapy at least weekly (sometimes twice weekly) will be an improvement!

i can't wait until, rather than blogging about my health, i am blogging about camping and roadtrips and late-night adventures. i can't wait until i can consider dating, and not worry about some guy losing interest because i'm sick all the time. (there's still the offchance but that's better than now...being sick for a year straight!)

i don't know why i worry about that so much. derek tells me that if a guy cares for me, my illness won't be a big deal to them. i sure hope so- even though i am far away from anything but casual dating at the moment.
i just can't wait to feel normal. to feel young.

i am trying hard to be patient until then. hoping everything that's mine will wait for me.

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