Sunday, March 18, 2012


my whole weekend was full of the people i love.

i can't imagine a better way to spend time.

thursday, my actual birthday, was lunch and girl time with jenn, gram and my beautiful momma. friday was dinner with the same + my dad and nana and papa. saturday, i got to see one of my favorite people in the world, alyssa. she and scott and i went over to derek's and hung out for a bit, then hit dennys.

definitely one of the best weekends i've had in awhile!

church today was great...i haven't been for a couple of months due to illness...i'm so glad to be able to go again. my whole week is better when i do, not to mention i just love to be there and feel the spirit so strongly.

tomorrow, i start my first whole day at the new job. i'm SO excited for this. it's such a wonderful place- our trainings are so fascinating and in-depth. we learn so much about the kids and what is going on inside their minds and bodies and how it affects them. i love to feel like i'm really teaching again...not to mention, the people i work with are all fantastic. the training sessions are not only interesting but fun! most of the people there are close to my age and just really stellar people who know when to take things seriously but also know when to have fun. also, i love learning what i do in the trainings because it reminds me of certain things pertaining to bekah. when you've lived with someone for seventeen years, you almost "forget" certain things because you become so used to them and it's so casual. i'm able to apply the things i'm learning to her to help her and better my relationship with her even more. it's just awesome!

thanks to my birthday being this last week, i am marching into spring with a LOT more color in my wardrobe ;) i'm a bit over-stoked about it heh.

as for fitness....i'm guessing i'll have to re-work my plan after working my first full-time week, but we'll see. i survived this weekend actually incredibly well, so i'm hoping i'll be able to do a fair amount of exercise without wearing out. que sera, sera.

anddddd....that's it!! tonight we're wrapping up "birthweek" with my favorite meal and red velvet cake. tomorrow, it's back to normal. but what a weekend it was!!

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